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Farming for Abundance

Workshop weekend - Soil, pasture & rocket stove - 26-28th of May 2017

Workshop weekend - Soil, pasture & rocket stove - 26-28th of May 2017

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$90 includes 9 meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
at Abundance Farm from the 26th to the 28th of May 2017

More people are becoming aware that our current agriculture model is destroying our soils and causing climate change. Due to our current till, slash, burn and spray regimes popularized through the green revolution, our farming land and pasture emit more carbon than cars and energy production combined.

Following natural practices while using technology, we have the ability to feed the world efficiently while sequestering all industrial age carbon into living soil.

The seasons are changing and as part of our regenerative practices it’s time to get down and dirty, make some living soil and diversify our pastures.

This year we planted 3500 native trees. Now we need to bring a degraded pasture back to life with over 100 varieties of plants.

The power is in your hands to be a steward of this beautiful Earth that needs our help. Support regenerative agriculture and learn what you can do to help.


This weekend we will be making SEED BALLS and SURVEYING to implement YEOMAN'S DESIGN to aerate the soil and improve water infiltration. These techniques will increase life in the soil and therefore sequester carbon from the air.

We will also work on building a COB ROCKET STOVE for the FIRE BATH so we can keep warm and blissful.

We will work hard and party even harder to celebrate our new awareness of the life beneath our feet.

At night we will make PIZZAS and BREAD, eat them by the fire and camp under the autumn skies.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it on the Friday there are plenty of activities on Saturday and Sunday.

We also will be running more of these fun weekend workshops (dates to be announced) where we will be covering the basics of rotational grazing and carbon farming.

Places are limited so please make a reservation as soon as possible.
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