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Abundance Farm

2024 Tree Planting Campaign

2024 Tree Planting Campaign

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The bushfire that started on 22 February 2024 went through our farm and did a lot of damage. We need your help, more than ever before, to replant the trees we’ve lost and continue our reforestation effort.

Like every year since we started Abundance Farm in 2015, we will be planting trees this Autumn and Winter 2024. We have many objectives:

  • revegetate the farm
  • create wildlife habitat
  • grow fodder trees to feed our cattle
  • grow timber trees to provide superior quality timber following regenerative practices

You can contribute to our effort by making a donation. We're planning to plant at least 500 trees and shrubs this year. We are organising ourselves with other neighbours and our local Landcare Group to revegetate our properties after this devastating bushfire.

We followed the Australian Master TreeGrower Program organised by Otway Agroforestry Network in 2019. Even though we’re getting better at growing trees from seeds, we still buy seedlings of certain specific species from specialised nurseries. We also use different kinds of tree guards depending on the kind of trees and their purpose. We follow the example of Rowan Reid and use his technique to grow tree straight like he describes it in his beautiful book Heartwood.
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