Espalier - Allen Gilbert

Espalier - Allen Gilbert

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by Allen Gilbert

Published by Hyland House Publishing - October 2009 - Paperback - 144pp - 21cm x 15cm

Create beautiful, productive garden walls and fences, and optimise space in small gardens, patios and balconies with Allen Gilbert's innovative espalier techniques. The book covers: forms, trellis systems and designs; selection - including flowering plants, fruit trees, and native Australian plants; and, shaping, pruning, maintenance and care.

'Hot on the heels of his top-selling book Citrus, Allen Gilbert - Australia's supremely-practical horticulturalist - once again leads the way. His unique but simple methods of training plants as espaliers are both original and brilliant. They allow anyone, including people with tiny gardens, to grow with minimal pruning a wide range of highly-productive, space-saving fruit trees and other species, including Australian natives.' — Peter Cundall