Pasture Raised Free Range Beef

Angus cattle herdPhoto by Marianne Khol

Our herd is composed of black Angus cattle. We take great care of our animals. We keep them happy moving them from paddock to paddock regularly so they can have grass all year round. They also get mineral supplements to stay healthy as well as re-mineralizing the soil with their manure. This also ensure a very good quality and high nutritional meat.

Abundance Farm is a permaculture farm and our cattle is a big part of our regenerative farming system. They move along the different paddocks of our farm in a quick rotation.

The hens and the cows are complementary. While the cows eat the pasture and fertilise it with their amazing cow patties, the hens scratch those cow patties looking for food (insects, larvae, mushrooms...) and therefore spread it on the paddock.