Pasture Raised Free Range Beef

Angus cattle herdPhoto by Marianne Khol

Pasture raised free range beef

Angus cattle

We have a small herd of black Angus cattle that graze our land on a quick rotation basis to guarantee access to good pasture all year round. We also feed them with a natural mineral mix that we make ourselves to keep them healthy and ensure a very good quality and nutritional pasture raised free range beef.

Indeed, our cows are a complete part of our regenerative agriculture project as they provide manure, participate into diversifying the pasture and improving the soil.

Regenerative agriculture

We’re protecting the young trees growing in the middle of the paddocks and planting more trees along them to provide our cattle with fodder and shelter. We’ve also worked on improving their pasture, sowing a mix of seeds that we’ve saved and transplanting some plants from our garden.

The hens and the cattle are complementary. While the cows eat the pasture and fertilise it with their amazing cow patties, the hens scratch those cow patties looking for food (insects, larvae, mushrooms etc.) and therefore spread it on the paddock.

From the farm to your house

We decided to sell our beef in farm boxes so you can get the beef directly from the farm to your house and in an assortment of different cuts so everything from the animal is used. By purchasing an Abundance Farm Beef Box, you will agree to become part of our CSA program, and by doing so you will help us continue our regenerative agriculture project.