Collection: Pasture Raised Free Range Beef

Pasture raised free range beef

Angus cattle

We have a small herd of black Angus cattle that graze our land on a quick rotation basis to guarantee access to good pasture all year round.

Even when our pastures are lush and green, we supplement the herd’s diet with local grass bales and a natural mineral mix that we make ourselves to keep them healthy and ensure a very good quality and nutritional pasture raised beef. The dry grass bales are great for balancing the pH in the rumens of our cattle. It helps them better utilize the nutrients in the pasture.

We have grown our herd considerably in the past few years, thanks to our generous neighbours who agreed to the agistment of our cattle on their pasture. We went from 11 Black Angus cattle in 2016 to 36 today. Up to 17 of our cows are now pregnant from a Murray Grey x Simmental x Angus bull named Coco.

However, as we no longer have access to additional pasture, we will have to reduce our herd numbers to 16 to be in tune with the regenerative grazing practices and not overgraze out land. This will be a slow process which will happen over 18 months. This means we will double our beef supply until June 2025.


Regenerative agriculture

Our cattle are a complete part of our regenerative agriculture project as they provide manure, participate into diversifying the pasture and improving the soil.

Every year, we protect the young trees growing in the middle of the paddocks and plant more trees along them, like acacias and tagasastes, as part of our agroforestry strategy. These trees are growing fast and provide shelter and great nutritious foliage to the cattle as well as nitrogen fixing organic matter for the soil. They are allowing us to increase our capacity and improve our farm’s health and the taste of our beef.

We’ve also worked on improving their pasture, sowing a mix of seeds that we’ve saved and transplanting some plants from our garden. The dry grass bales we feed to our cattle also adds biodiversity from the seeds and organic matter for the soil.


From the farm to your house

We decided to sell our beef in packs, so you can get the beef directly from the farm to your house, and in an assortment of different cuts. This way, everything from the animal is used.

We reached our capacity in terms of CSA memberships, but we’ll have extra beef packs to offer until June 2025.

CSA or Community Supportive Agriculture

Our cows and chooks in a diverse regenerative farming system(Photo by Marianne... 

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