Get Involved

If you’re wondering how you can engage in regenerative agriculture, there are many possibilities. Like Mahatma Gandhi wisely said: “be the change you wish to see in the world”.


Become a CSA member

Becoming a CSA member is a great way to be part of a different idea of our world. By doing so, you get nutritious food that is grown ethically, you support local farmers that are farming with regenerative practices, you are part of a community of people that want to create a better world to live in.


Learn about regenerative agriculture

Another way to engage into the regenerative movement is to read and get information from the best authors and activists on the subject. Check out our book collection about permaculture and regenerative agriculture.


Become a volunteer

We offer internships for people interested to learn permaculture and regenerative farming, and want to get the ropes before starting their own projects.


Come to our workshops

We also organize workshops about regenerative agriculture (soils, water catchment, etc…) at the farm. It is a fantastic way to learn about permaculture and regenerative farming practices in situ.