Volunteer Information

Photo by Jose Dib Gomez

We are located at Raglan in the Pyrenees Shire in Victoria, Australia, 15 km from the closest town called Beaufort. Beaufort is 170km west of Melbourne and 60km east of the Grampians National Park. The farm is at 400-440m above sea level in the eastern slops of beautiful Mount Cole (888m). The Mount Cole state forest has amazing views and hiking tracks.

There are many native animals at the farm including echidnas, kangaroos, wallabies, mice, stumpy tail lizards, wedge tail eagles, kookaburras, rosellas, magpies, herons and many others, including the scary ones : snakes, spiders and scorpions.

This is an organic farm following various principles and techniques from Permaculture, Agroecology, Keyline design, Biodynamics, Holistic Management and many others.

Our goal is to be self-sufficient, sustainable and regenerative, as well as a business model. Plans include producing eggs, meat and honey, growing fruit and veggies, creating habitat for wildlife and increasing biodiversity.

The farm is in the initial stages of development so many areas might not be as functional as it will be in the future.

Persons staying at the property will be asked to participate in the daily chores of running it. Working time is an average of 20 hours/week. We will adapt the working hours according to weather conditions and farm needs.

There are daily chores such as washing, cleaning communal areas and firewood stacking. Other chores are levelling areas, moving materials, firewood collection, natural and conventional building, agriculture, animal husbandry, amongst many others.

As Raglan can be very wet and cold in winter (from June to August, sometimes even longer) and very hot and dry in summer (from November to February), please ensure you are prepared with proper clothing, as well as mentally. In Victoria, weather conditions can change very quickly.

Subject to availability at the time, you'll be able to sleep in a caravan, a shipping container or a tent.

The water used in the farm for drinking, cooking and watering purposes comes from capturing the rain on the roofs of buildings or the water from our springs and dams. We do not add any harmful chemicals to it. As a purification method we use a 3 stage filtering systems.

As we are off-the-grid, we deal with the grey water on-site. We provide with soaps that are suited for our cleaning system. However, if you would like to bring your own, please be mindful to bring products that will not be harmful to the environment.

Most of the time we have meals together, however, eating can be self-catering in some occasions.

Not all the food supplied is organic or grown on the farm.

Meal times can be varied and we cater for omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan diets.

As this is a farm, animals might be killed sometimes on the property for population control or eating purposes.

Campfires are strictly banned except on designated areas and under our supervision.

All persons who do need to smoke have to do so in the smoking area. Smoking anywhere else on the property is strictly forbidden.

Trips to different areas of Victoria can be organised with prior communication with us.

Internet is very expensive in this part of the world so the access is limited to a few hours in the afternoon. If you would like to buy a sim card or internet service prior coming here, it will have to be with the company Telstra since it’s the only one that has service in the area.

We try to leave the farm the least possible so if you require anything from the shops, please let us know before our weekly shopping day.

Be prepared to interact with other people (sometimes with 10 or more). Daily interactions with others can be difficult for some people.

If you are not respecting the property, people, rules and what we ask of you, then you will no longer be welcome and asked to leave immediately and without prior notice.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email: