Collection: Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs

Pasture raised free range eggs

A new chapter

We have big news to share with all of you.

We are offering free home delivery of Sunnybank Farm eggs twice a month from now on.
But also…

We have officially zero chickens on our land!

We have decided to end a beautiful chapter of our lives and gave all our hens up for adoption. The hens are retiring in suburban and country gardens where they are entertaining and feeding eggs to their human pets.


Sunnybank Farm eggs

Sunnybank Farm has purchased our equipment (egg washer and chicken trailer) and are currently raising a new flock on pasture.

Sunnybank Farm is a great farm near Ballarat. Jasmine and Terry are excellent at pasture raising hens, keeping them healthy, happy, and safe.

They will be following most of the farming practices we used to do, with two exceptions:
          1. The hens need safety netting around them to keep them safe, as they don’t have a guard dog
          2. They are feeding them balanced feed pellets instead of upcycling food like we used to

We will be using the remainder of our Abundance Farm egg cartons, so they don’t go to waste.



From now on, we will be selling and delivering Sunnybank Farm eggs twice a month to your home in Beaufort, Ballarat, Ballan and Melbourne (in a 10km radius from CBD) for your convenience.

Eggs can be delivered within our delivery area with a 15-dozen minimum order or as part of a beef pack. There is no minimum order if you come pick them up at the farm. Contact us to pre-order them.

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