Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs

Pasture raised free range eggs - Abundance FarmShanti, our maremma dog, guarding our chooks
(Photo by Alejandro Corona)

Pasture raised free range eggs

Happy chooks. Happy soil. Happy people.

Nestled on the foothills of Mount Cole, in the Pyrenees region of Victoria, live the happiest chickens to roam the land. Guarded by friendly alpacas and a Maremma dog, they are free to explore as far as their little hearts desire. Moving across the land, the chickens are an important part of our regenerative agriculture system improving the soil, helping to plant forests and sequestering carbon for a better future.

We believe that food is the best medicine and that is why we give our hens the best supplements to ensure that each egg is nutrient dense just like nature intended.

What does “pasture raised free range eggs” mean?

It means that we let our chooks graze the land without having them fenced in. They live in mobile houses that are moved regularly to provide them with fresh pasture.

Moving around different paddocks behind our cows, they eat the grass and plants. They also scratch the ground and the cow patties looking for insects and therefore spreading the cow manure as a natural fertilizer for the pasture. They dig little holes for their dust bath that turn to be little puddles when the rain comes, increasing the growth of the pasture as well.

What do our chooks eat?

Pasture: Our chooks forage grass and different greens that we’ve planted in the pasture, source of omega 3 that are good for you and help fight heart diseases.

Insects: They also forage insects. No need to say how much chooks love worms! They enjoy eating all sorts of insects and grubs, wonderful source of protein, calcium and other minerals that are necessary to create a beautiful egg with a strong shell.

Shell grits: An important part of their diet, grits are source of minerals and help the chooks to grind their food and assimilate the nutrients properly.

Brewer’s grain: We give our hens brewer’s grain we get from Stomping Ground Brewing Co. We add oils, vitamins, minerals and probiotics such as apple cider vinegar to ensure our chooks’ good health and nutrition without the use of nasty chemicals.

Waste stream food: We get fruit and veggies scraps from organic shops such as CERES Fair Food and Senserrick Green Grocer. Our chooks have also the superpower of transforming ravioli and tortillas we get from factories in Melbourne into delicious eggs! How cool is that?