Introduction to Permaculture - Bill Mollison

Introduction to Permaculture - Bill Mollison

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Introduction to Permaculture

By Bill Mollison with Reny Mia Slay

Written to introduce readers to Permaculture concepts and design strategies. Abundantly illustrated with detailed diagrams and line drawings throughout. Includes a listing of useful Permaculture plants with descriptions and uses, and a further species list in useful categories.

The book is set out as a step-by-step introduction to Permaculture with detailed instructions. Using simple language it describes the range of Permaculture for general consumption.

This book has been translated in Spanish: Introducción a la Permacultura


Bill Mollison (1928 – 2016) was an Australian researcher, author, scientist, biologist and teacher. With David Holmgren, he co-developed Permaculture, an integrated system of ecological and environmental design, which they together envisioned as a perennial and sustainable form of agriculture. Bill Mollison is the author of numerous books on this subject including Permaculture: A Designer's ManualIntroduction to Permaculture, Introducción a la PermaculturaPermaculture Two, and The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition.