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Sea-90 Agriculture Soil Mineralizer

Sea-90 Agriculture Soil Mineralizer

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Sea-90 with organic humate: Agriculture Soil Mineralizer
Agriculture Soil Mineralizer by SEAAGRI

Made in Mexico.

Supercharge your soil by multiplying and balancing your nutrient profile with Sea-90 Agriculture Soil Mineralizer.


  • Regenerate: Restores the soil mineral and trace elements balance
  • Immunity: Insures greater disease resistance
  • Saves Water: Promotes rain capture efficiency
  • Nutrient Absorption: Improves nutrient, protein levels and food flavour


Sea-90 Agriculture Soil Mineralizer is ideal for the production of all crops and pasture. The 100% natural water soluble nutrients can be used in gardening, farming, hydroponic systems, compost, compost teas and all instances where plants, trees or grasses are grown.

It is an exclusive source of ocean minerals from the Baja Peninsula features pristine ocean water for the Sea of Cortez enhanced by geothermal activity and mineral-rich alluvial topsoil.

Naturally solar-dried, the resulting Sea-90 Ocean Minerals contain a balanced, comprehensive mineral and trace element profile not found anywhere else in the world.

Packed with more than 90 minerals and trace elements, and more than 50,000 organic compounds, Sea-90 Agriculture Soil Mineralizer re-mineralises your soil and improves microbial activity.


    • Replaces Nitrate based fertilizers
    • Increases production yields
    • Earlier crop maturity
    • Greater disease resistance
    • Restores balance of mineral elements
    • Increases soil conductivity
    • Reduces transplant shock, drought and heat stress
    • Improves nutrient, protein levels and food flavour
    • Healthier stock
    • Increases weight gain Improve fertility and disease resistance
    • Lower mortality rates


    For best results, spread 5g per m2 of soil (22kg per acre). Apply in late Autumn or early Spring. Allow to dissolve or disc into soil.

    Foliar Spray:
    Dissolve 20g per litre of water
    and spray every 21 days during the growing season.

    Hydroponics, Drip Irrigation and Compost Tea:
    Dissolve 1.2g per litre of water.

    Fruit Trees:
    500g per 3m of tree height. Spread in 1m band around tree at drip  line.

    Suitable for

    • All farming crops and pasture
    • All hydroponic systems
    • Compost and compost tea
    • Herbs and leafy greens
    • Fruiting and veg plants
    • Lawn


    We use recycled or reused material for packaging.

    The tape is biodegradable.


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