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Permaculture Principles

2024 Permaculture Principles Calendar

2024 Permaculture Principles Calendar

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2024 Permaculture Calendar

Published by Permaculture Principles - 2023 - Paperback  - 29.7cm x 21cm


. A permaculture design principle per month
. Image contributions from the broad permaculture community
. Moon planting guide
. Weather/rain recording chart

Filled with inspiring images that can change the way you see the world. Practical examples of each of the 12 permaculture design principles showcase photo contributions from the broader permaculture community.

Daily moon planting icons can help you get more organised by observing the rhythms and patterns of the lunar cycles, no matter where you are in the world, supporting regular planting routines. Moon planting is a way to manage your gardening time more effectively, get more organised and observe the rhythms and patterns of nature. The first 3 phases are represented by icons to guide planting activities. The final phase and during phase transition is time to improve your soil. Exact moon phase, solstice and equinox times are provided in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and can be adjusted to your local time.

This year’s cover features musicians, Formidable Vegetable, who sow the gardens of our minds with the seeds of change to ‘Turnip the Beets for people, plants and the Planet.’

The permaculture calendar is printed in Australia on ecoStar+, a FSC certified, chlorine free, 100% post consumer recycled paper using vegetable based inks. The printer recycles all e-Waste, printing plates, ink cartridges, paper waste and packaging. The vegetable based ink that is used doesn’t release unnecessary VOC’s into the atmosphere or require harmful solvents for clean up.

Once the calendar has reached the end of its life you can recycle or compost it, frame and hang the pictures, or keep the calendar intact as a reminder of the principles and important events over the year. It can also be used as a teaching tool to illustrate an example of each of the design principles.

While the production effort does a lot in limiting its impact on the earth and the people in the process, Permaculture Principles is also demonstrating the ethic of Fair Share by now donating 100% of their profits of the calendar to permaculture projects worldwide – with over AU$22,000 contributed since 2013.


We use recycled or reused material for packaging.

The tape is biodegradable.


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