Ethical and regenerative

We are Alex and Kali.
We run a 97 acres permaculture farm in the Pyrenees Ranges of Central Victoria.
We grow food that is ethical and regenerative.

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2023 Tree Planting Campaign

Like every year since we started Abundance Farm in 2015, we will be planting trees this Autumn and Winter 2023. We have many objectives:

  • revegetate the farm
  • create wildlife habitat
  • grow fodder trees for our cattle
  • grow timber trees

Ethical Beef

Our small herd of black Angus cattle represent a big part of our regenerative farming system and provide meat as well. 

We take great care of our cattle.  They move along the different paddocks of our farm in a quick rotation so they have grass all year round. They get mineral supplements to stay healthy as well as re-mineralizing the soil with their manure. This also ensure a very good quality and high nutritional pasture raised free range beef.

Try our delicious beef
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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is the best way to know where your food comes from by supporting regenerative farming practices, animal welfare and your local farmers.

Becoming a CSA member at Abundance Farm means that you will be delivered ethical, nutrient dense food monthly, directly to your home.

Eat ethical, eat local.

Become a CSA member


Water Bottles

Double Insulated

. Keep your drink hot or cold for up to 24 hours

. No external condensation or heat

100% recyclable materials

. Single piece double insulated high grade stainless steel bottle

. BPA free plastic lid

. Medical grade silicone spill proof seals

. Scratch resistant powder coated paint

Easy cleaning

. BPA free chug lid for fast hydration

. Wide mouth for easy cleaning

We plant a tree for every bottle we sell

For every bottle we sell, we plant a tree to ensure water and healthy environment for you and future generations