Two days at Jonai Farms

Two days at Jonai Farms

In the boning roomIn the boning room with Tammi, Cal, Jess, Kali and Alex
(Photo by Stuart Jonas)


Two days at Jonai Farms

We spent the last two days at Jonai Farms cutting our first steer and making sausages. Tammi has been absolutely amazing! She and her crew spent the first day in the boning room with us cutting our very first beef carcass. We're so grateful she could spare so much time out of her already busy farming life and spend the whole day guiding us and patiently teaching us how to proceed. It is a big job and it would have been very difficult to do it without her expertise and her great butchering skills.

The second day was dedicated to sausage making. Alex had a great recipe in mind: adding white sage and stout to our beef sausages! Alex and I are no experts and, on our own, it took us the whole day to make these sausages. It was totally worth it though, they are absolutely delicious!

These yummy beef sausages will be in the Abundance Farm Beef Boxes along with an assortment of seasonal cuts of our delicious pasture range free range beef. You can purchase them in two sizes:
- 5kg beef and 1 dozen eggs
- 10kg beef and 2 dozen eggs (we give you a 2017 Shiraz bottle for free when you buy the 10kg beef box)

White sage and stout beef sausagesWhite sage & stout beef sausages
(Photo by Kali)

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