Thank you CERES Fair Food

Thank you CERES Fair Food

Our chooks eating veggie scraps from CERES Fair Food
(Photo by Kali)

Thank you CERES Fair Food

We would like to give a big thank you to CERES Fair Food which has been a key player in the success of our farm.

It is their mission to support local farmers at fair prices and they have done just that when buying our pasture raised free range eggs. They also have been providing our hens all the unusable greens, fruits and veggies so that they can produce the best quality eggs and nothing goes to waste.

When unusable veggies from CERES Fair Food become food for our chooks
(Photos by Kali)

Did you know that 100% of their profits go towards CERES Education ?

They also offset all the carbon from their delivery fleet by contributing to the lao cook-stove project.

Their warehouse has an 80kw solar array producing more solar power than they use making them a carbon negative enterprise.

CERES is an amazing organization. You can support them and us by purchasing our eggs and other ethical regenerative farm produce at @ceresfairfood and @ceresmarketandgrocery .

Learn more about CERES here: 

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