Extra beef packs available

Extra beef packs available

Our black Angus cattle herd grazing a lush and green paddock
Our black Angus cattle herd grazing on a lush and green paddock

Downsizing our herd

We have grown our herd considerably in the past few years, thanks to our generous neighbours who agreed to the agistment of our cattle on their pasture. We went from 11 Black Angus cattle in 2016 to 36 today. Up to 17 of our cows are now pregnant from a Murray Grey x Simmental x Angus bull named Coco.

However, as we no longer have access to additional pasture, we will have to reduce our herd numbers to 16 to be in tune with the regenerative grazing practices and not overgraze out land. This will be a slow process which will happen over the next 18 months. This means we will double our beef supply temporarily.


More Beef Available

We will be butchering additional steers in the next 18 months. Until June 2024, the abundance of beef will be available, first to our existing CSA members then, the extra beef will also be offered in 1-month, 6-month or 12-month subscriptions to anyone in our delivery area.

We deliver every first and third Tuesday of the month (depending on your location) in Beaufort, Ballarat, Ballan, Melbourne, and some surrounding suburbs in a 10km radius from CBD. If you live further away, please check in with us before placing your order.

Please order ASAP and recommend us to your friends. Any additional beef ordered from now on will be temporary only.


The resilience of Community Supported Agriculture

The last couple of years revealed how delicate the food supply chain is but you don’t have to worry about your beef supply if you are a CSA member. We guarantee your beef on existing orders today and the renewal of those orders in the future.

We have enough cattle to supply you with 4 years of beef as we have 4 generations of cattle always grazing our land. We also keep an average of 2 months of frozen beef in case of abattoir closings or lockdowns. You also have a month supply at home.

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