Raw beef
Raw beef
Raw beef
Pasture raised free range eggs

6 month Beef & Eggs CSA Membership

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We are currently at full capacity and don' t have spare beef shares to offer. We can however put you on our waiting list and contact you when a new share becomes available. Please contact us here if you want more information:


Our pasture raised free range beef and eggs are an opportunity for conscious omnivores to support regenerative farming. You can now savour the different flavours and textures each fine cut has to offer along with cooking advice.

Customise your own Abundance CSA Pack with an assortment of fine cuts and eggs to suit your family size and cooking style and get it delivered at home!


Choose anywhere between 3 and 10kg of pasture raised free range beef at $26/kg.

Each pack includes a range of seasonal cuts that will vary depending on availability (seasonal sausages, mince, small roast, ribs, steaks etc…)


You don't have laying hens at home? Add 1 to 4 dozen of our pasture raised free range eggs to your pack (eggs best before is 5 weeks). Count $8.50/dozen.

We are pretty flexible and try to adjust as much as we can to your needs. If you'd like to change the number of dozen/month or get more than 4 dozen/month, just send me an email: kali@abundancefarm.com.au


Try our Abundance Beef & Eggs Pack once. Love it and make it your recurring monthly order. This means you become our valued CSA member which guarantees availability and makes it easier to receive your order every month.

Choose to be a month to month member, a 6 month member or a 12 month member. 6 and 12 month CSA members get a discount for paying in advance (5% for 6 months, 10% for a year) and a guaranteed place to be an on-going Abundance Farm member.


We deliver every first Tuesday of the month in Beaufort, Ballarat, Ballan, Daylesford, Woodend, Melbourne and some surrounding suburbs.

There will be a $8 delivery fee for every Abundance Beef & Eggs Pack under $75.

We’ll ask you to prepare an esky full of ice out of your house if you’re not there the day we deliver.

If you are on holidays, we can postpone your order until you return or we can deliver to friends and family within our delivery areas. Please give us notice so we can plan our delivery route.