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Heritage apple orchard

Apple orchards have been planted by humankind for millennia. We’ve created thousands of varieties and therefore diversify the uses of this delicious fruit for cooking, eating fresh, juicing, drying or even making cider, vinegar etc. We have adapted our apple varieties and planted apple orchards in a wide range of climates and altitude. Unfortunately, the standardisation of food production is threatening this diversity. What apples will be left in the future?

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We need your help!

We've just started our crowd sourcing campaign on GoFundMe to raise funds for our regenerative farming project. We can achieve our goals on our own but with your help, we could accelerate the process and make this project resilient way faster. You can contribute to our project with a donation and sharing this link with your family and friends:

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Thank you CERES Fair Food

We would like to give a big thank you to CERES Fair Food which has been a key player in the success of our farm. It is their mission to support local farmers at fair prices and they have done just that when buying our eggs. They also have been providing our hens all the unusable greens, fruits and veggies so that they can produce the best quality eggs and nothing goes to waste.

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